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Saturday, 06 August 2016 / Published in Lesbian
High quality lesbian porn site for anal fisting lovers.


It’s not easy to find daredevil girls who want to try something new and extraordinary to spice up their lives. Either out of curiosity or pure wonder about new things, these girls go out and explore their horizons. They go try new things that they have never done before and they take it up a notch. If you’re interested to see daredevil girls then TryAnalFisting is the perfect place to find these girls. TryAnalFisting is a website that focuses on girls who would love to be fisted in their assholes just for the sake of pleasure and fun. The girls on TryAnalFisting would beg to be fisted, ravished and fucked hardcore. You can expect the best and utmost pleasure from the girls. They will take you a new world and redefine the word “hardcore” because the sex is more than hardcore. New videos are added to the list regularly and can be downloaded in high definition for the optimum viewing of anal fisting.

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Design and features

Just as you enter the homepage, you’ll be amazed at the pictures of girls with fists up their assholes. An unforgettable and hot welcome to the world of anal fisting. It makes you want to know more and watch more about the girls of the site. The theme color of the website is red which would give anyone a hint that the site contains hardcore bed scenes.

As you scroll down the homepage you’ll see a bunch of pictures of the girl on girl action with fists up in the ass of another. There is no male to female since the site specializes in the lesbian fisting action. Talk about hot! Seeing girls making out, touching each other’s tits, eating pussies and fisting are scenes that can heat up your night. It’s amazing how much fisting the girls’ asses can take. You can see dripping wet pussies and gaping assholes. Next on the menu is the “Bonus Feeds”. If you click on it, you’ll be redirected to another page containing the movies available on the site. Examples of these movies are ScrewMyWife, a movie about a wife getting fisted by another girl. Huge titties with nipple play and hardcore anal fisting are amazing. It’s a huge turn on seeing your wife getting a hand pumped in her ass by another hot girl.

Another menu is the “Members” which when clicked automatically prompts the user for the username and password. In total, the site is easy to navigate too since the menus are found in the top and in the bottom of the page.
The production of the videos is absolutely fantastic as it captured moments that can exactly turn on any man. They captured the most beautiful moments of the girls in the videos. The way they moan and the way they scream while being ass fucked by a hand is a huge turn on for me. Any guy who visits the site will surely stay. Also, for any guy who likes to see something new and explore their inner hidden desires then TryAnalFisting is the perfect website. Their hardcore anal fisting and lesbian make out action are amazing and can make any man drool from the site.

Being a member includes many perks as you will get to access exclusive content, unlimited streaming and downloading. More than 14000 bonus DVDs and more than 76110 bonus scenes are free immediately once you become an official member of the website. All videos are in High Definition and are available in several formats. You can choose WMV format or Windows Media Video, MP4 format, or the Apple Quick time MOV. The different formats of download for the videos are available for convenience as people’s gadgets require different formats for a video to play.

Girls & Videos

The girls or the models of the website are the definitions of the word “HOT” as they are flaming with desire and can take hardcore anal fisting without flinching. You can see that they are very professional and can take fisting to the next level. The girls on this site are very different as they are open to new experiences and can spice up your nights. So if you want to indulge in anal fisting, this site is the best. I definitely recommend this as the girls of this site are very naughty and are daring. The way they moan is very sexy and the way they make out with another girl can make any guy touch their own dick and immediately jerk off. They can even cum on the mere sight of the scenes in the videos of the website.

The production of the videos on the site is on point. Kudos to the guys behind the site since they are good at choosing their talents. The girls are amazing and the scenes are definitely a turn on. Their videos are able to capture the beauty of the girls and at the same time their seductiveness. Their angles when it comes to pussy eating and anal fisting are the perfect angles as you can see the reactions of the girls while they are getting done by their partners. Even the angles of two girls eating each other’s pussies are captured perfectly.


All in all the website is amazing. From the production of videos, content of the site and the designs, the website is top notch. Even the videos offered are amazing. The models are also top grade as they can do any position and is comfortable with doing girl on girl action. Their assholes are award-winning as they can take a handful, no pun intended. I definitely recommend this site as it offers a multitude of videos that are updated regularly. This site can help you find your future favorite fap material.

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