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Thursday, 02 June 2016 / Published in Hardcore
High quality hardcore adult website for hardcore scenes.


Are you tired of all those porn sites being a bit picky with their videos? I mean, yes there are all sorts of porn out there but most of them seem a little caged you know? Limited. Right now, the porn site we’re going to talk about has been released from those limits. It does no longer discriminate any sexual taste or reference. No edits, just pure raw sex and freedom to do it anyway they want it done. The models on this site perform and fuck the way their lusts lead them to do. They will do exactly what they want without any restraints. The name of this website is TwistedVisual. This porn site will make you feel all sorts of arousals that you may have never felt before.

Get ready for your fantasies being made reality right before your very screens! This is where all those things you’ve been imagining and thought was inappropriate come to life. No need to fear all those critics about your porn choices. You’ve got a whole community here of individuals that love the same thing you do and a whole lot more! Now get ready to be enamored by the diversity and liberty of the content here on Twistedvisual. You’re about to get a front seat view at an article review on one of the most unique porn sites on the web!

Amazing hardcore site featuring some really hot models

Design and features

With all of the hype going on inside Twistedvisual. You’ll rarely, or even never, see a member go inactive with this site. I know most of us are accustomed to one on one sex stunts, but why don’t you go ahead and take a look at this site’s cover picture. Yup. That’s a hot girl sucking two dicks at the same time. Most of the audience even discovered a new feeling of addiction in watching a girl being fucked by two dicks at the same time. Most of the contents can here can be accessed through the homepage. I admire the convenience around the website’s homepage. It’s all presented to you right from the start. There are also three favorite and main categories for all contents. Of course, there are those other subtype categories but the three favorite categories are Pegging Cat, Twisted Girl on Girl, and Tgirl Invasion.

There’s something very illicit about those titles. Maybe that’s why they gained a lot of attention. Browsing inside the models’ page. You’ll see a lot of these hot models. I noticed in their attitudes and personality how open and outgoing they are to all kinds of sex stunts. But the three models that really captured my attention are Dana Vespoli, James Deen, and Wolf Hudson. These guys/girls don’t care whether they paired with two lesbians, men, women or even gays. This site really stacked up their shop with models that are wild and crazy enough to do just about anything! Really feisty characters they’ve got. Now going to the ALL CONTENT pages. Everything or anything you’ll be looking for is, of course, it’s here, but the categories are not all that many. Actually, there are only five main categories here on this page. Namely Anal, Double Penetration, Girl/Girl, Group and Interracial. It’s really amazing how open they are with these sex stunts.

This site hides behind no covers. Also look out for these two models. Addriana Chechik and Addriana Nicole. I’ve heard they shot a video that took 3 whole hours, so the producers had to cut it down to manageable bits. These girls are wild I tell you! Now before we go to the good bits, one thing you should remember is the Contact Page. Every little concern you have or maybe some suggestions for the producers, you can spill it all out in the Contact page. Hey, you might even be lucky enough to actually join these guys if you’re up for it!

Girls & Videos

About the models. These girls are craving for sex in every video. On some videos, you’ll notice the slight acceleration of the sex drive. But on most videos, they would usually skip all the foreplay and get right down to hard fucking blowjobs! They’re really into it I tell you. These girls are also fond of having lesbian company while fucking a guy, like, all the time! So that’s double the fun for you men out there! Also, don’t forget the gay action. Those men are up for anything these days. In other words, the girls on this site are about freedom of doing anything on camera that satisfies themselves, and in turn, satisfies the viewers as well. Kind of a win/win situation actually. You’ll also see a lot of tongue action as well! Man those hot tongues of these girls are really worth watching, they lick anywhere, between the balls, the dick even buttholes if you’re into that!


This site is the bombshell of free sex right here! They have no boundaries, no limits, pure diversity, and exploration. I love the surprise in these models’ faces when their partners want to try something out. Really satisfying and fulfilling to see REAL sex for a change. You’ll also love the quality of the videos, really high in resolutions and very good framerates. So for the videos, the quality would pose not a single problem. The actors are very creative and passionate with their partners. You won’t see any fake cummings from the girls in this Twistedvisual. In here it’s all for real! So you better get your game ready because this site holds nothing from their audience. I’d find no trouble giving this a 90/100 rating!

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