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And who does not love pussies? The loving, wet embrace of the passion to be, ready to swallow you up whole in its world of pleasure and satisfaction. Well, if you are a fan of pussies different, then head on over to Wet and Puffy and have yourself a good time, looking at various pussies get penetrated by fingers and toys. These girls prefer solo action, yet action that gives the word hardcore new meaning, yet retains the passion and the seduction of a softcore video.

Design and features

The site will captivate your attention from the first moment, not allowing you to take a breath to rest, as the pussies will envelop you from the first moment you lay your eyes on them. To start off, those same, juicy pussies will be on the front page, on a giant slider which changes images shown by itself, or by your pressing of the arrows on the screen. The images show pussies in close ups, looking rather tasty and inviting. The real videos, though, lie in an area reserved for members, only. Though for a cheap fee, they could all be yours, as well as a few perks that come along with the site. The site does give some things for free, like fast browsing and speedy service when it comes to the payment and customer questions. Likewise, the site works very well on all the mobile devices, allowing you to search and view the videos you love in a different environment, on your sofa, for example.

Girls & Videos

Pussies are very attractive, especially when they are in your sight, wet, shaking from the pending orgasm, and just ready to eat you all up. Though, Juicy Cherries, a type of pussy that has its inner labia protruding, just like cherries have, is very inviting, and requires you to eat it, and lick it, too. The Big Taco is your average, symmetrical pussy, beautiful in every way, and tantalizing too, ready to be devoured by your tongue. The third kind of pussy is the Puffy Peach, where the outer labia covers the inner one, resembling a peach, and thus being perfect for camel toe shots, something which everyone is known to enjoy. The girls are very kinky, too, willing to take the action to a whole new level. What kind of action? Well, solo masturbation, yet the kind that will have you on your knees, ready to explode with pleasure, regardless of your gender. Just imagine a girl stuffing a glass bottle in her already wet pussy, while she shakes with pleasure, ready to have an orgasm at any time. Clit stimulation is a must, whether by using a vibrating toy or their fingers, pleasure is always guaranteed. What is very nice, too, is the fact that the videos are in full HD or ultra HD, for those who are truly in love with pussies and the high quality of the videos. There are photos, too, all in HQ, as well. The site does offer perks, and those are 4 more sites, loaded with different content, and of a kind that will have you begging for more, as they are updated regularly.


Having fun with Wet and Puffy is a must, and you should lose no time, yet go and join, for a very cheap fee, to get all the perks that you can. 4 more sites and videos of an extremely good quality await you inside, and pussies, sweet, wet pussies.

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