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Friday, 27 January 2017 / Published in Porn Network
Among the best porn sites for hot pornstars.


Do you believe that the perfect porn site exists? You know… a place where you can find all the latest and best porn scenes ever made, and a place where you can find the sluttiest, sexiest and most beautiful girls in the world. And watch them fucking in some really intense hardcore scenes. Do you believe that place exists? No matter what you believe, it does exist, let introduce you to Wicked, the best porn site in the world, and your new obsession.

Popular porn site for professional pornstars.

Design and features

Wicked is a marvelous example of how a good team of designers and good team of developers can make a huge difference. Wicked, stands out by looks alone. It makes many other sites feel like cheap cookie cutter websites. Wicked has personality, every time you enter the site, you will feel at home and you will also feel the need to explore it and find all of its secrets. The professional look of the site will give you a lot of confidence in the product they are selling to you. Let me tell you that the confidence is genuine; it really is worthy to spend your hard earned money in here.

The interface is as easy to use as you can imagine. It is really difficult to imagine someone who could not use it to find exactly what they were looking for. Load times are incredibly fast and the menus are just so intuitive that you will be jumping from video to video and from girls to girls without even noticing. The site is organized by a great number of categories that will make even the more specific things easy to find.

Girls & Videos

Wicked has the best porn stars in the business! The most beautiful and the kinkiest you will ever see. These girls are ready for anything: anal, gangbangs, threesomes, lesbian, you name it. They’d do all these things and you will find them on Wicked. These girls are 100% professional performers of the industry and you can see it in how committed to the scenes they are. These girls are true stars. While most porn stars are white, there are also some ethnic models and their body types range from slim to thick. There is something for everyone in here.

Production values are as good in front of the camera as behind it. Professional cameramen and audio mixers will produce the best product for you. All videos come in gorgeous 1080p image resolution, the best on the market and all of them have an average running time of 30 minutes and beyond.

If 30 minutes is too short for you, then you can watch complete full-length films, the average running time of these full-length movies is around 150 minutes. It is impressive as hell. You will also have access to amazing Live Cams from where you can talk and interact with beautiful girls from around the world.

As a summary, we are talking about more than 4,465 individual scenes, more than 765 full-length DVDs and more than 4,300 image galleries, each gallery packing around 70 high-quality pictures. Outstanding!


Wicked is the best porn site you will ever see. The site is the most complete ever; with the best porn stars and the best production values for each video. It also has the best prices and, considering all the amazing content you will receive, this is a deal you cannot miss. Join now!

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