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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Other
Nice premium porn site for erotic HD videos.


I know I’m only supposed to review porns and remain neutral at all times. But I have a confession to make. I have found a favorite. It is X-art. I don’t know what they did or how they did it but the goddesses on this site got me falling in love in just the first few seconds of their videos. If you’re into straight porn then you have found your jewelry box. I was speechless when I saw their productions! They have this Hollywood feel into it. The actors on their set reveal such passion in what they are doing that you can totally forget that their just acting. The scenes and the website also focuses on pure quality and movie-like angles. So you’ll be seeing a lot of styles with their camera angles and focus. If you ask an avid porn viewer if they know X-art. Almost every porn viewer will totally answer yes. X-art has shared their sample videos all over the net. I know it’s been tempting to take a peek at what’s behind all these samples. So here I am taking a peek and trust me. I have totally NO REGRETS. This site is the 10th wonder of the world. They got me registering as a member before I even got time to take a breath. If you have a spouse or a girlfriend. Watching this site is a total delight. Now let’s take a look at what this site has for us.

Design and features

Surfing inside their website I was impressed by the great number of selections. Each page is filled with photos and videos with the scroll bar being as efficient as it can be. The site also contains pictures of these stars. Quite frankly, I usually get bored with pictures. I mean, what do you need them for? But my point of view took a full 360 with this site. Their pictures are UNREAL!!! The girls and models totally scored big one for the boys with their photo shoots. Another nice thing to notice about their profile is that you get to know the nationality of each porn star, a great way to get personal with the stars I might add. Talking about getting personal with the stars, this site has a treat for you. You get to have an option of following the stars you favor and be able to send private messages to them, and not only that, in some occasions, if the stars aren’t busy with production, they would actually respond to your letters, and sometimes send you some of their personal photos as well! That’s freaking awesome! That’s like having a porn star as a pen pal! The site’s diagram is really good and pretty well designed. I give it points for simplicity and humor. X-art successfully made sure their website isn’t a bore for its members! I find myself getting what I want in just a few clicks of their links. The site also has this nice addition called the “kiss” button. I won’t say what it does. That’s for you to find out.

Girls & Videos

Oh fuck, the videos… I don’t know what to. Oh fuck… These videos are the bomb; I mean the real bomb. Have you ever had that feeling where you could tell yourself? I finally got what I want, and I want nothing else except this. That’s exactly what you’ll be thinking once you see x-art’s videos, the girls here look like goddesses that are getting drilled so fucking hard. Every video gets that satisfying hardcore feeling at the end. I never thought a site like this existed. It really gives you exactly what you want to see in a porn video. These beautiful girls also have that unique beauty. Each one of them have that theme of the country they represent which makes it look so exotic and addictive. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a member of any other sites out there. This one has me hooked really good, and a lot of other people as well. Actually it’s no surprise X-art has gotten the top spot in the porn business, they spare no resource in trying to make their videos as great as it is. The way their actresses moan and react as the guy’s dick is getting drilled inside them is very convincing. But what makes it really good is also the actresses eye contact. The guy they fuck makes them look at the camera which makes you feel like you’re fucking them yourselves, especially during the parts where the hardcore ending is happening. No words can describe it. The number of videos in this site has reached around 900 to 1,000 videos, with guaranteed daily uploads too. The video resolutions are downloadable HD with four different formats to choose from. Video quality don’t be a problem with them. All videos are highly HD and the Audio is surround as well. You can also download tons of pictures packed in zip files, so you better get your WinRAR’s ready.


It’s been quite overwhelming after seeing all this site has for its members. The website’s navigation and design has totally taken a turn for the art gallery type of theme. The black color scheme made it easier for the eyes to focus on what it really wants. As for the videos and the girls, I don’t need to say more. It has surpassed everything I’ve seen so far. The women really reveal the pleasure and the passion they harbor in the videos. I would recommend this site a hundred times over for anyone who’d love to have some action in bed. Well that’s it for this review. It’s time for you to enter it yourself and see why a lot of people are getting hyped with X-art. The site isn’t updated anymore, check WankItNow for new xxx videos.

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