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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 / Published in Sex Cams
Best porn cam site for live private shows.


Hello fellow fap mates! This review I am writing is all about XLoveCam. Honestly, this is my first time writing a review about a live cam website. Heck! This is my first time visiting a live cam website! I guess there is always a first time for everything. And I guess I’m not a live-cam virgin anymore! Cheers! Anyways, I may be a newbie to this kind of website but I can pretty much sum up what’s in this exciting website and why you should visit it. So brace yourselves and get ready to be the next XLoveCam subscriber!

Design and features

This site is actually one of the most user friendly sites I have ever seen. It just gives you what it can offer straight up! No mandatory sign ups and all that crap! Even an 80 year old horny guy you sometimes call grandpa can navigate this site with no problem. When you get to the site’s page, you will see the pictures of logged in models who are ready to give you one hell of a show that will keep you cumming back for more. You will also see if a model can still be seen for free or if they are on ‘private show’, and I guess that is when the real show begins. When you enter a model’s live cam show, you will see what they are doing live together with their and the subscribers’ chat feeds. And for a live-cam virgin like me, It was like finding a new favorite food you are sure to eat again and again and again. It was a really fun and exciting experience for me to have the chance to interact with my fap materials, not just a one-sided, predictable, monotonous video clip of an interaction of a male and female anatomy. It was kind of refreshing to know that they can read my messages and act on it, depending on my request of course.

It’s like watching porn with real time feature, like peeping on the girl next door touching her private, normally censored parts. It just brings out your inner peeping tom persona. I hopped from one model’s show to another, one’s who were still on ‘free live viewing’ and I tried to type in a request to each of them. So far, out of the 10 models whose live shows I visited, all of them granted my request and did something for me (and I am not telling you how juicy it was). And the best part about my request? They did it for free! Yes! Absolutely no charge! This is one of the perks of this website. You don’t have to register for you to send a request to the model (a minimal request of course) or even to view their ‘free live viewing’, which was kind of like having a free taste to see if you are going to buy yourself a delicious cup of ice cream or not. One other feature that I was able to notice was that they also have high definition streaming for your eyes to feast. But not all of the models’ live shows have this feature. Apparently, it would depend on the model’s webcam. Good thing most of the in-demand models have this feature.

Girls & Videos

There are tons of models to choose from. I checked the website and there are thousands of registered models from all over the world. This site actually offers different models with different nationalities! To name a few, there are English speakers, French, Europeans, black, latins, Indians, turks, Asians, and more! And the models are not only females. You can also see male models, gays, she-males, trannies, MILFs, and older women who are still in it to win it! Whatever your preference is, you are always welcome to visit this site! By the way, the ten live shows I visited were I think from the ten hottest, sexiest women in the site according to my taste.

What I really like about this site is that what you see is what you get! The models actually look just like their profile picture! To tell you honestly, some of the models’ profile pictures were good enough fapping materials for me during nights when I feel lonely and have nothing to do. Well, aren’t those the best times to jerk off? Anyways, back to the main point. As the saying goes: A picture is worth a thousand words. Well, how about a video? How many words would that be worth? Maybe millions! If they are that good in just photos, how much more if they are in videos moving? To make things more interesting, they move how you want them to move! And to top it all off, some of the live shows can be viewed in a high definition format! That would be the best fapping material ever! The quality of your time has never been this high! If that is not good enough for you then you might need to go see a doctor and have yourself checked because there is definitely something wrong with you!


This one’s probably the easiest decision you will make in your life. It’s just a matter of register or reject. And I am very much sure that most of you guys who have visited the site, probably about 90%, would agree with me that this site is incredible and one of the things you don’t want to miss. I even registered myself before writing this review for the obvious reasons. But just for the sake of telling, I’m gonna say it again. Aside from the great real time live shows of different gorgeous, delectable, smoking hot models of all races, their rates are really good!

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