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Russians have always proved to be of erotic interest, able to satisfy both your European and Asian tastes in one hot chick, and EroticRussians capitalizes on this fact by dedicating their entire website to featuring the native beauties. Russian chicks are so amazing in bed and they know what they are doing. This member only website will give you the opportunity for ultimate discovery and direct connection with the content it offers without too much else to distract and take away from the porn. Their main page is ad free, their quality of videos is crystal clear and in HD, and the girls are promising in each tempting preview. Without the constriction of supporting one particular niche outside of their ethnic performers, EroticRussians includes content that can play into anyone’s fantasies, from lesbian pussy-licking to steamy threesomes, all easily accessible from one page of the website. This kind of freedom gives you the chance to explore your inner desires, flip back and forth through kinks, and take the time to fully enjoy Russian women indulging in their sensual side. With the promise of daily updates and exclusive content that EroticRussians boasts of, it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself for a lack of arousing material. However, in the case you do have a craving for something tantalizingly new, membership with EroticRussians unlocks ten additional sites for your unlimited use, including more specified kinks such as ebony mistresses, hentai, and public sex. With this kind of access to thousands of videos and pictures all within one membership, you are guaranteed hours of private pleasure and stimulating activity.

Design and features

EroticRussians uses a simplistic user interface, opting to focus primarily on the porn with minimal search options and no separate listings of pornstars and categories. With this kind of approach, you are able to enjoy the hunt of that engaging gem of a video or picture gallery. Once found, these treasures can be downloaded in an array of available formats to keep saved to your device from PSP to desktop to iOS. The website’s main page is a breeze to look at, too, and consists primarily of the video listing rather than a bar of tabs and several different searching features. Soft colors, minimalist banner, and cute heart accents decorate the frame of the content previews. On their members’ page, you can find more information about the website itself where EroticRussians takes the liberty of expression. The fact they leave their homepage so elegantly simplistic is a nice way to switch it up from the usual loud design of other competitor sites, and gives a very laid-back feel to it that makes it easy to settle in for an hour or two of exploration. Their grid-style listing design on one page gives a single-handed ability to browse EroticRussians several pages of porn while getting warmed up for your Russian flavored treat. Content is rotated upon refreshing, so if you ever need a change of pace, simply press the back button and you will have a collection of different previews than you did five minutes ago! If fast, easy, quick, and simple is your style, then EroticRussians is the site for you!

Girls & Videos

There is a sense of forbidden anonymity given on EroticRussians, as their exquisite girls are seemingly random, with no name or personal information given. It is not uncommon to find watching strangers partake in lustful behavior titillating, and this website gives you the shameless ability to indulge in this desire. Despite the void created by the lack of insight to the frisky foxes that can be found on EroticRussians, they display plenty of personal charm and personality in their style of amatory relations. All with smooth skin, luscious locks of brunette or blonde, and fit bodies boasting of every shape of boob and butt, these Russian’s take the cake for “Best Dressed” in every way; despite their lack of actual clothing! In this amateur-gone-professional spin, these horny individuals seem to have no limit of their fashion, and EroticRussians delivers the best of the best with their specially chosen women. Angelic darlings with flaxen locks, energetic red-headed lesbians, and slim dark sirens give off a flawless performance with flexible limbs and wide-opened mouths. EroticRussians video and picture gallery have an extensive amount of range of personal interest and taste. The website caters largely to hardcore sex though it is easy to find videos to fulfill your own brazen urges. The previews of each full-length scene, short clip, and photo collection offer a pretty clear picture of what they have to offer. Solo masturbation, sensual massages, daring threesomes, and even girl-on-girl action is all listed within the first page of suggestions, so you can be sure to discover something to slate your thirst for Russian debauchery. One of the most common themes that can be seen from an initial search is anal, the girls actively participating in every form of assplay imaginable from toys to cock-driven pounding.


After spending a good while acquainting myself with this website, I would say that EroticRussians does a quality job of delivering their niche based material in a way that can be a fit for everyone in need. With such a popular genre to specialize in, they do a great job of creating a welcome atmosphere for those with a liking for generalized porn and anonymous ladies. With mobile access and downloadable content, the website makes itself readily available to its members whenever they should be so eager for Russian porn, and allows you to take full advantage of today’s one-touch technology with doing away with fancy search settings and getting right back down to the basics of simple porn viewing. The site has been closed, check Russian Fake Agent for similar porn videos with Russian chicks.

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