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Friday, 15 July 2016 / Published in Girlfriend Porn Sites
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As far as hot amateur chicks keep snapping their nudeness and posting them online; as far as they keep celebrating themselves in their birthday suits with astonishing videos on their profile pages online, then there would always be the need for GfRevenge. This one of a kind website is fully, and solely dedicated to the exploits of these damsels as they parade themselves online and showcase their hot bodies and mesmerizing stunts. Whether it’s posted on Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or any other, be sure that GfRevenge would find it and present it to the world in a spectacular manner. The state of the art algorithms and programming used to crawl the internet and find these videos and pictures sets this site apart from the rest. Nothing is missed from the social media handles; whether they are posted day or night, GfRevenge would find it, unlock it, and present it here.

This is the site where the most erotic gonzo fucking, the most daring fuck shows, the romantic cuddling and scissoring of lesbians, and all sorts of chicks showcasing their stunning bodies, are stored. Fresh chicks have these advantages over older professional MILFs and mature ladies. While the latter is not savvy in the use of technology to showcase their trade, fresh starlets know all the tricks and skills in the quest to use the internet make themselves even more popular and gain followership across the world. In other words, with just one post on Instagram, one following, one right like, or one mention, the pictures and videos can go viral and become an internet sensation in minutes. What usually takes professional porn sluts years to get into the minds of people across their localities or countries takes these fresh chicks minutes to get their videos and photos to the remotest part of the world in minutes or days.

That is the power of the internet; that is the power of GfRevenge; the world’s most popular girlfriends’ user submitted website in the world. The consistent praise and recommendations showered on this site by ladies that have enjoyed and benefited from its popularity is a testimony to the effectiveness of GfRevenge to make superstars out these fresh chicks in an instant. Knowing this factor, even more, cuties are recording in their various houses and campuses, submitting their latest and most surprising videos and pictures to the site, praying and hoping they would be featured owing to the high standard the site requires.

The site showcases these videos and pictures of girlfriends enjoying the company of each other in the most erotic and sensual manners possible; of chicks kissing and caressing romantically; of hot cuties getting their assholes and pussies hard fucked by the hugest of cocks; and of amateur starlets just learning the art of deep throat fucking, hot blowjob, and sizzling cum swallowing. Indeed, this is one site that combines all the breathtaking and stunning porn acts one would desire to see at all times. From anal gonzo banging to pussy stretching, from nonstop cunt thrusting to sensual dildo fucking, and so much finger fucking like never seen before. Everything is here to make your day and give you immense pleasure that is beyond anything out there.

The shows are authentic, real, raw, and 100% natural. No scripting, no dramatization, no pretense, and certainly no acting. It’s just 100% instantaneous and original fun like never seen before. This factor sets the site well apart from the rest. While others feature porn models who only come to act out scripts just for a living, GfRevenge only presents videos of chicks who were enjoying themselves in the thick of the action. Indeed, the difference is clear. Nothing beats the promise that these chicks hold for the future. With just some more practice, some more opportunities, and more exposures like GfRevenge is offering at the moment, get ready to see the new and hottest chicks that would take over the world of hardcore gonzo porn in no time. No other site provides such opportunities, no other site provides such a wide platform for more superstars to emerge in grand style. It is a phenomenal leap for these lovely starlets, and also a great opportunity for all and sundry to enjoy fantastic porn videos and pictures, almost for free.

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Design and features

Using GfRevenge is so simple and easy. Right from the homepage, users can choose which damsel to watch and follow. Each of these chicks has their own special signatures on the site which makes them easy to track and follow. Also, users can easily download as many videos and pictures as desired. This can be done via smartphones and tablets too. It does not matter the make or model, the site would play on it. With such a huge archive full of breathtaking content, GfRevenge continues to satisfy its numerous customers by updating the site every day with new and fresh contents.

Girls & Videos

100% real, raw, authentic, and original. Those are the words that describe GfRevenge. The chicks here are stunning, pretty, and wonderfully built to make every user want to watch again and again. Whether the picture and video were submitted by the user or cropped from profiles online, you are guaranteed to see only the very best chicks available. The continuous efforts put into screening and choosing the best chicks have paid off finally. GfRevenge has now become the preferred site for the finest angels in the world.


Ex-girlfriends, best of friends, sisters, lesbians, regular chicks, and all kinds of cuties all come here to take advantage of the popularity of GfRevenge so that their sexy bodies and awesome assets can be seen by millions all over the world. This makes GfRevenge the biggest and most respected site for the best of user-submitted videos and pictures in the world. So, take advantage of all the thrilling features and many benefits by subscribing to GfRevenge, today.

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