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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 / Published in Girlfriend Porn Sites
Good gf porn site for amateur sex videos.


Fuck My Indian GF is one of the finest GF XXX sites, hosting lots of girlfriend hardcore videos that make your body hot and sweaty. It features Indian girls grinding their hips and having sex with their man. The videos available here are all under the GF niche so any male who wants to have a girlfriend or those who want to please their girlfriend should get a membership.

Popular girlfriend porn site for Indian gfs.


Design and features

If you want to see interesting videos in the girlfriend niche, then it is only a given that you visit Fuck My Indian GF soon. This website is under the management of 247 Media Group. It has been successfully launched in January 2012. Since then, the website has been the subject of many porn lovers’ favor, especially those who love XXX scenes from the girlfriend niche.

When looking at the design of the website, it is very easy to see that the target market of Fuck My Indian GF are those who are interested in the GF niche. You can see Indian girlfriends acting cute and sweet in front of their boyfriends. In this site, you will be treated to a lot of perverted scenes such as girls getting fucked raw, condoms strewn all over the floor, blowjobs, sex toys, fingering, creampie, solo play, handjobs, deepthroat, and so much more! Aside from the appearance of the site, it is also good to note that the navigation is very simple. It doesn’t have complex filters so you should be able to easily find the content you want to watch without getting lost in the web.

The videos available in this porn site are amazing too. You can find over 4100 videos posted in the site. While most of the videos are of their AVI format, you may be able to find others, which are in their MPEG format or MP4 format. If you are downloading the videos into your phone or computer though, you’d only be able to use AVI. Speaking of the download, you should be amazed with the download speed of the videos here in Fuck MY Indian GF: 500KB/sec. While downloading, stopping, pausing, and resuming the download are possible. As for the quality, you will mostly find the videos homemade but they are of great quality. The sex scenes in the videos are worth watching for your eyes. You can find videos that are as short as three minutes while some go beyond half an hour.

If there are lewd videos, then you should expect that there are pictures as well. In Fuck My Indian GF, all the pictures posted here are in their JPEG file type. There is no way to download the pictures, even in their galleries, as a single zip file. However, you can still view the photos on the website. Although the pictures don’t have the professional quality as that of those in magazines, you can still appreciate the great work put forth in the amateur or semi-pro photography. With a dimension of 550×400, the pictures are pleasant to the eyes. Even more so when the pictures are of the Indian girls in their birth suit. As a member of the site, you will gain access to more than 300 photo galleries available in the site, each of which contain an average of 15 pictures to fawn over.

The update schedule of Fuck My Indian GF is worth praising too. After all, the said website promises to update the site on a day-to-day basis. They even make it a point to upload no less than three videos! This is the reason why the site already has an enormous collection of GF XXX videos. With an affordable price, you can enjoy thousands of videos and hundreds of videos, as well as erotic Indian ladies who can’t wait to get fucked.

Girls & Videos

Don’t underestimate the ladies featured here in Fuck My Indian GF. They are Indians girlfriends who make all of your dreams into reality. If you want a shy girlfriend on the outside but will grind her ass on your hard cock behind the scenes, you can find her here in the site. If you want a dominant partner who you can pin underneath you in bed, Fuck My Indian GF can show you that too. The girls here have varying personality, appearance, and appeal.

The Indian girls usually have a calm demeanor. Their physical appearance makes them stand out as their skin color, eyes, lips, and nose gives their race away. You can fantasize everyday about them. The longer you look at these Indian GFs, the more seductive they will look to you. Well, they are also moaning and gasping Indian words while getting rammed so you’ll eventually know they are Indians. Fuck My Indian GF already has 200+ girls featured as their model. They aren’t exclusive to the site. They star in videos like “He Fucks His Girlfriend in the Bathroom”, “This Girl Sucks a Big Cock”, and “Fucking a Couple”.


Many GF porn websites exist in the market these days. However, if you want the finest and most amazing ones, then there is only Fuck My Indian GF that fits the bill. Indeed, the Fuck My Indian GF porn site is worth the praise since this site already showcases a number of sexy plays, amazing scenes, lewd photos, and even seductive Indian beauties. Watching these girls will make you want to build your very own Indian harem. There will be cumming, deepthroat, fingering, blowjob, and handjobs in the scenes, with cum flying everywhere. Fuck My Indian GF is definitely a great porn website under the GF niche.

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